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Tabatha O'Connor

Youth Leader

Tabatha has been working with youth for years and has a passion for middle school students. In addition to working with our youth, she works at Hobart Township Schools as an elementary school instructional aide. She loves to serve as the VBS director for our church and cannot wait to see you at youth group!

Tabatha can be reached at


Curt Crum

Youth Leader

Curt has not given our youth director a bio yet for the website. Though we would love to tell you more about him, Noland is currently still waiting for that email. At least he sent in a photo. We would love to tell you more about Curt, but we are still waiting for a bio. If you want a bio of Curt like Noland does, make sure you stop him and remind him at church.

Curt can be reached at 


Amanda Clauson

Youth Leader

Amanda has worked with youth off & on in different capacities for years. She works for Northwest Indiana Special Education helping those of different abilities reach their fullest potential. Amanda is passionate about making a difference in others' lives. 

Amanda can be reached at

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